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Project Description

Frequency Converter

Sine Power

Static Frequency Converter

Suitable for variety of applications. Civil and Military Aviation, Aeronautical industry, Maritime/Nautical Industry and Manufacturing sector.

  • Guarantees a perfect sinewave input current with low THDi
  • Perfect for all sorts of extreme electrical conditions
  • Have no moving parts, except for the fans to cool the systems down
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Sine Power

30, 45 , 60 & 90 KVA Solid State 400HZ Ground Power Unit

Guarantee a perfect sinusoidal input current from 25% to 150% load and a low THDi (<1.5%)

  • CE Marked Certified
  • High Efficiency (up to 95% efficiency)
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Sine Power

28VDC Ground Power Unit

High Quality, Efficient and Secure.

  • CD Mark Certified
  • Low noise emission
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