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Project Description

EME Elevators

EME Elevators

EME Elevators is dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of Residential, Commercial and Industrial elevators.

Control System

EME Elevators control system integrates advanced modular computer control technology with the combination of serial and loop communication networks, which reduces the overall wirings require for enhanced efficiency in installation and operation reliability.

Green Technology

EME gearless permanent magnetic traction machine with VVVF drive reduced total power consumption by as much as 40%. Our elevators are designed to switch to standby mood automatically after a pre-set time, information display system will dim, car lighting and ventilation fan will be turn off. Car lightings are energy efficient LEDs.


EME Elevators has an encoder fixed on the principle axis that monitors the running speed and position of the elevator. Any running faults detected during operation will activate the Disc Type Dual Brake System that effectively stops the elevator. In the event when the elevator travels beyond its normal operating speed, the speed governor will be activated in time to trigger the safety gear to stop and lock the elevator in position.


EME Elevators are fabricated with state of the art machinery and accurate process craftsmanship that allows installer to fit in the parts seamlessly. Specially designed Plug-in type connecting parts ensure error-proof terminations to the control system and its peripheral electrical devices. Speedy and error-proof installation effectively shorten the project completion duration.

  • High efficient in space utilisation. EME home elevator can be customised based on your requirements and site conditions – with or without counterweight, lift pit and/or shaft size restriction and etc.

  • Elevator Guidance System – eco-friendly, comfortable and stability.
  • Car Suspension System – safe, efficient, energy saving, comfortable.
  • Customisation of Lift Car Interior Finishes – we make our elevator blends into your house or building’s design.
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